Data Analyst Training

Get the best Data Analyst Training by enrolling in QA Automation Training now. You’ll be able to uncover details and trends in massive volumes of data as a Data Analyst Trainee. It’s done through the use of visualization and other data mining approaches. Show a thorough understanding of statistics, probability, web analytics, and metrics. These are the essential characteristics of a data scientist. 

You’ll also gain knowledge of concepts and methods. All this is done to organize, clean, analyze, and visualize enormous volumes of data. Database systems, data mining tools, data visualization tools and packages, Python packages, R packages, and cloud services are useful skills. 

Data Analyst Training

What you will learn?

  • Working on a hands-on project
  • Communicating with and extracting data from the database
  • Working knowledge of databases, SQL, and more.
  • Prepare data for analysis
  • Perform simple statistical analysis
  • Create meaningful data visualizations
  • Predict future trends from data

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