ETL QA Training

To compete in today’s environment, organizations need real-time business analytics. It increased self-service options developed by the ETL process of copying data. As a result, there is an increased urge for personnel with ETL QA experience. It will assist firms in achieving their goals. Beginners and expert programmers can enjoy the ETL QA Training Course. 

Topics relevant to the fundamentals of a Data Warehouse are covered in this course. Dimensional Modeling and key aspects of Dimensions, Facts, and Slowly Changing Dimensions are also covered. The ETL QA set up,  Data Warehouse Testing vs. Database Testing, Data Warehouse Workflow and Test Case, SQL Data Checks, and the Limits of BI Testing. 

What you will learn?

  • Introduction to Data Warehousing
  • Working of Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to ETL basics
  • ETL data validation
  • Functioning of RDBMS
  • Error handling dependency testing and constraint testing.
  • ETL certification Preparation.
  • ETL database testing & data warehouse testing.
  • Working on OLTP, ETL, and OLAP Systems.

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