Salesforce Business Analyst Training

In a team, a Salesforce Business Analyst Training job is like that of a project manager. The position of Salesforce business analyst is project-based and focuses on business improvement. In Salesforce, business analysts assist companies in improving their business processes and efficiency. Salesforce Business Analysts are in charge of improving and maintaining the Salesforce instance. 

Are you pondering a new job that will allow you to earn more money? And enjoy excellent job security even during economic downturns? Then this course will provide you with the foundation you need. Salesforce Business Analyst training will prepare you for work performance. IT will also prepare you for certification preparation. The most common positions in the Salesforce ecosystem are Salesforce Business Analyst roles. These jobs will expand in tandem with the ecosystem.

What you will learn?

  • Introduction to the fundamentals
  • Understanding of Salesforce tools and platforms
  • Relationship and Lookup Filters
  • Records Types, Page Layout, Page Layout Assignment
  • Service Client Relationships and Provide Good Customer Support
  • Understand the Salesforce Platform as a Whole – Marketing, Sales, Service, and Analytics
  • Workflow Automation, Process Builder, History Tracking
  • Requirement Process and Business Analyst fundamentals
  • Visualization, i.e., reports and dashboards
  • Documentation & Quality Assurance

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