SRE Training

The goal of the SRE Training Course is to simplify SRE. Also discussed is the significance of SRE and how you may use it in businesses. It teaches the Service Level Objectives idea (SLOs). SLO is a method of expressing and assessing the intended level of service dependability. 

After completion, you should use these ideas to create the initial set of SLOs for similar services. Also, you’ll master how to use Service Level Indicators (SLIs). You’ll learn how to create a meaningful SLI. Also, to construct SLIs and SLOs for a hypothetical service. This course is also a useful introduction to SRE principles and practices. It is designed for System Administrators and Software Engineers interested in becoming Site Reliability Engineers (SREs).

What you will learn?

  • Comparing Traditional Ops and SRE
  • Comparing DevOps and SRE
  • Exploring the Key Tenets of SRE
  • Learn about site reliability engineering
  • Understand its core vocabulary, principles, practices, and automation
  • Learn about real-world SRE scenarios and success stories

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