Tableau Training

Tableau training begins with the fundamentals of Tableau. You’ll learn using the software, linking it to a data file, and exporting a spreadsheet. Beginners will feel at ease in this manner. You’ll learn to deal with data extracts and time series to discover trends in the data. Also, to generate projections. You’ll also use aggregations to make data easier to interpret. You’ll also use granularity to assure accuracy. 

After completion, you will be an expert Tableau user. You’ll be extracting knowledge from data utilizing your data scientist abilities. You can test and visualize difficult questions this way. You’ll also be capable of gathering, analyzing, and presenting data for any purpose.

What you will learn?

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Introduction to data warehouses, spreadsheets, and data sets
  • Real-time data exploration with Data Integration
  • Creation off exceptional business solution
  • Visual representation of big data
  • Creation of dashboards, charts, report generation
  • Business need identification

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