What is QA Automation:

QA automation mainly refers to using a different piece of software to observe tests on the software that is being developed. In the early days of programming, human testers would have to perform many of these tasks. Now, this was performed using some technology to reduce repetition.


Mindset matters: Think like a developer.

Companies these days advertise for QA automation jobs. But they’re test designs for software developers. So the best thing that you could do is walk into the interview with a developer’s mindset.

 In simpler words, consider yourself a developer. Now, this opens your mind to different questions as well. As of now, you will have a different thinking mindset than that of an automation engineer who does testing.

 Now, this greatly helps you to free yourself from the trap of thinking only as an automated engineer. Moreover, you will have a better understanding of developers. How they read, think, and write code.

 This reframing of mindset will prepare you to answer questions and scenarios provided to you during the interview. For example, many organizations want to evaluate the interviewee regarding their developing skills. So the more strong your development skills are, the more amazing your automation testing skills will be.


Another important thing is that you must Know the language versions’ differences.

 Many programmers and testers consider themselves skillful in a programming language. But true proficiency doesn’t mean that you know about Python. It means knowing the differences between different versions. For example, the interviewer Can ask you a question whats the differences between Python 2 and Python 3. So you must know the difference as well as the latest versions workings.


Before walking into the interview, you must have some basic understanding of programming.

Many Job holders recommend Automation engineers to have programming knowledge. As it greatly helps in interviews related to QA AUTOMATION JOBS. So it’s safe to say that you must have some understanding of data structures and algorithms.


The interviewer looks for uncertainty in the interviewee.

So when the interviewer provides you with a scenario during an interview, don’t hesitate to answer him, analyze the situation properly, and answer. The interviewer will look for tension in your eyes. Now, this is performed to check whether you can handle the pressure or not. You must eliminate defects in your solution and provide him with a better solution. Moreover, this will give the interviewer an insight into your problem-solving skills.


Another important step that you should not skip is knowledge of Data structures.

Interviewers will verify the extent of your knowledge regarding data structure. Data structures can be used in test automation by implementing user interface (UI) maps using dictionaries.

 UI mapping is a test automation design pattern used to keep web elements in one central location. The advantage is that updating web elements will be easier because they are all in one place. Without UI mapping, test automation engineers would have to change every place in their test cases, for instance, where web elements exist, which can be a nightmare to maintain.

QA Automation Jobs


 In addition to all the tips mentioned above, you should also have insight into QA automation jobs. Focus on their requirements, job descriptions & experience required. This Tip applies to all the jobs for any field. The more you know about the job requirements, the more extensively you can prepare for the interview. Then, you will be able to answer the questions with ease.