Quality Analyst Training

Quality analysis is one of the most demanding skill at present. Our institute provides training that will help you build all the skills and techniques to make you an efficient quality analyst that most of the companies are usually looking for.
You will be gaining multiple skills during this course some of the details of the course curriculum as under.

  • Basic Testing Concepts and introduction

  • Introduction to Server and Web Applications

  • A complete description of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Introduction of business requirement documentation

  • Basic knowledge about functional requirement documentation

Quality Analyst Training

Testing Strategy

  • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

  • Test Plan, test scenario, test case, test script

  • Testing Types

  • Traceability Matrix

  • Introduction of all-important testing tools

  • The complete process of test execution

  • Difference between manual and automated testing procedures

  • Summary Report of test

Testing Techniques

During our course student will learn about various testing techniques like

  • Path Testing

  • Black Box Testing

  • White Box Testing

Testing Types

You will explore various testing types that are being practised currently in the market, In-depth knowledge is provided along with most of them being practised at during the course like.

  • Unit Testing

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Functionality Testing

  • System Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Stress testing

You will learn about bug report testing as well. All aspects of bug report testing are taught in the course.

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